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Lately I’ve been getting irrationally angry with Spotify.

It started when I got a new computer and downloaded Spotify anew, only to find that it had somehow automatically linked itself to my facebook without asking me and was posting everything I listened to on my news feed. Which I disabled very quickly, but still was not at all happy about. Partly because I do like to go on dreadful pop nostalgia sprees which often end up in Let Loose’s Crazy for you being played 15 times in a row, and nobody really needs to see that in action.

But mostly it annoyed me because for some ridiculous reason, it felt like an invasion of my privacy.

What I listen to very much reflects what is going on in my head, and not always in particularly obvious ways (e.g I spent the week after I got engaged listening to Tom McRae obsessively, and he is not really a shiny happy huzzah I just got engaged type of man, so that could’ve been misconstrued). So if Spotify were to go and post everything I listened to up in a public forum then I would feel very much exposed. And not just because everyone would find out that I a bit love the Saturdays.

So I spent a few months being a bit suspicious and obsessively checking that facebook sharing was switched off and generally not really trusting Spotify at all. Then I moved on.

Unfortunately, so did Spotify. It took to suggesting that I “follow” my facebook friends. In particular, it took to suggesting I follow people I perhaps went to uni with but haven’t seen in years, and while I’m sure some of them have perfectly lovely taste in music I don’t particularly feel the need to know what they put in their “happy songs” playlist. And I also don’t massively like the idea that people out there might be able to look at what I put in my playlists, because some of them are really horrible (although admittedly I’m not really bothered enough to work out if or how this could happen).

And then Spotify decided to tell me what to listen to. Relentelessly. Every single time I open the bloody thing up. I get the logic; finding new music is fun. The related artists button is a very good thing. I have found some good stuff that way, and also fallen into ridiculous nostalgia holes.

But this is not suggesting good new stuff. Or good old stuff. It’s just reminding me that I haven’t listened to certain bands in a while, which I already know. Because I haven’t really fancied listening to them. Or it’s making incredibly obvious suggestions based on what other people are listening to. When we’ve already established that I don’t really give a shit what other people are listening to.

And the tone. Oh god, the tone in which it reminds me that I haven’t listened to that horrible noise I was briefly obsessed with for a while just makes me strangely murderous. “Play now?” It asks me. No. Do not play now. Do not make out like you are my magical musical guru, Spotify who knows exactly what I should listen to next. Just go back to being a great big collection of music that I can search through and play stuff from on whim.

Otherwise…. Well, I’ll most likely do absolutely nothing at all, because if I’m honest I actually think it’s pretty good value to pay £10 a month and have ALL OF THE MUSIC available on my phone or laptop whenever I want. But I’ll be a bit more grumpy.