I’m a 27 year old writer, blogger, knitter, dressmaker and tellybox watcher. I studied literature at the universities of Birmingham and Sussex, and then joined the corporate world on a great big grad scheme. I now work in internal communications, which is apparently a bewildering concept for a lot of people.

I’m attempting to write a novel; I’m currently halfway through the second draft, and trying not to lose the will to live. I’ve still not quite worked out what it’s about, but I’ll get there in the end.

I was born in the States but am not even remotely American. I spent three years in Australia, and used to get the accent back when drunk.

I make lists obsessively and fall over far more than someone my age (or any age) should.

I find myself on the brink of signing up for another MA at least once a month. One day I’ll just crack and do it.

I’ve recently tricked my boyfriend into buying a house with me in the suburbs of London. I’m now working on tricking him into getting a cat.

Despite all my attempts to prevent it, I am shortly going to have a trainset in my attic. Which is unfortunately not a euphamism.

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