me, elsewhere.

I’m regularly rude about TV on hecklerspray. So far I’ve insulted The Apprentice, Strictly Come Dancing and Young Apprentice. I’ve just started writing about Dancing on Ice, which is actually one of my favourite shows ever, thus proving that I only mock the things I love.

When I’m not busily being all sarcastic about celebrities, I’m a BT 2012 Storyteller. I’ve written a few things for them, including this little tale of gymnastics and falling over.

I’ve put my corporate hat on to guest-post on the BT Grads blog. I’ve also been as serious as possible when writing about mental health for the summer issue of Betty.

I write fiction and am currently at war with my novel. Back before that ate my entire soul I had a short story in the end of summer issue of Cellardoor, and wrote this little thing for Storytellers.

I’m constantly on the lookout for new things to write about, and new places to write them, so if the world has turned into a Hollywood movie and you’re some kind of editor who wants me to write something, you can get in touch with me here.


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